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Hello, I am Aseel Al-Saheb, a student therapist working on my Master's in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University, and a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).

I graduated from York University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and have worked in various fields. I offer services in English and Arabic. 


Volunteering with the less fortunate and individuals and families dealing with schizophrenia, teaching psychology, and assisting students and their families in overcoming obstacles have been part of my responsibilities.

I aspire to provide a therapeutic environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and non-oppressive, allowing us to develop a healthy therapeutic relationship based on empathy, trust, and acceptance. The hope is for the therapeutic process to help you change and gain skills that you can use outside of the therapeutic setting.

Each person is unique, and the uniqueness requires a tailored approach to meet the individual's needs. With that, we will work collaboratively and utilize your strengths to help you reach your goals.

To set up an appointment, please contact me.

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