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Connecting Psychotherapists

So, my vision for this forum is that we would be able to provide support and community for each other as people licensed in Ontario to perform the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, and for people licensed to do similar work in other regions.  This is for shared expertise, support and referrals.  I would also hope that it is a place where we can have the difficult conversations.  I will not be moderating this list serve full time, but I am willing to work with a group of people who might help mediate when problems come up, if they do (and I'm sure they will).  If this is you, please let me know.


I have a social justice inclination, and would expect that this list serve would be anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-audist, anti-ageist, and any other forms of discrimination that I haven't thought to include.  I also expect this to be an 2SLGBTQ+ safe space. I am more than willing to be called out on my stuff, and would hope that we can foster the type of community where people are willing to change their behaviour because of what they've been called out on, and what other people's experience is of them.


I will name my privilege here.  I am white (celtic), cis-gendered, bi-sexual, middle class, mother of two adults, divorced female -- pronouns (she/her), who grew up Baptist (that's my disability), and have grown to embrace a much broader understanding of spirituality. 

To join, please send an email to with your professional designation.

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