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Therapy is difficult and takes time, but the results can be so fulfilling.  I work with clients to help them engage fully in the process, and to help them notice the progress that they are making.  Outside of the time we’re together, I give homework that allows you to continue to work on the same issues between appointments, which will help you change and grow more quickly.


My office is in my home, in a welcoming, relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere, in the hopes that you will feel comfortable, and safe, and can explore.  I have two miniature poodles, who are quite quiet, shy and affectionate, and usually loose in the house.  If you want, one of them can sit with you in therapy, and you’re welcome to sit with them before or after your session, in the waiting room.  They love the attention.


I have three therapy rooms, one specifically for children, and two others for adults, either alone or as a couple.  For larger groups, I have a meeting space that can accommodate about 6 people at once.

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