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I was born in Toronto, Ontario to WASP* parents, and so have spoken English most of my life.  My BA was in English, and I have a master’s degree, so I’m fairly proficient in English.  I also work as an ASL/English interpreter, so I use English in every part of my life.

In 1973, I started hanging around in the Deaf Community, and some amazing, extremely patient, elderly deaf people taught me to sign American Sign Language.  I still marvel at how kind, and patient they were.  Shortly after that I started interpreting, and since then have worked in social services in the Deaf Community, running group and foster homes, day programs, interpreting, and providing psychotherapy.  I currently work in interpreting and psychotherapy, and have extensive experience with deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing people.

So, as I’m writing this, a friend has contacted me for information about interpreting availability in Toronto – they have been living elsewhere for awhile.  I have deaf friends, and we keep in touch.  I’ve been working in the courts with deaf people for many years, and they often greet me as an old friend when I arrive for their bail hearing.

I have some limited experience with oral communication with hard-of-hearing and deaf people, who have said that they find it easy to lipread me. I also have a very little bit of British Sign Language, mostly as it’s used by the deaf-blind community in the Toronto area.  I have experience working with deaf interpreters.

I have worked with many deaf people with various types of communication, and with additional disabilities or challenges, and in many different situations for several years.  We usually can find a way to communicate directly successfully.  Contact me for further information at wendy at

*WASP (in my life means, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant=Scottish/Irish heritage, my parents were second generation Canadians)


Play the video below to watch a clip of Wendy signing.

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