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Families, Children and Youth

Families of all kinds encounter challenges.  I work with people to figure out how to navigate challenges, and how to understand one another, tolerate each other, and communicate with one another in clear, helpful ways.  I will read books that are important to your children to have a basis for connection.  Some of the things I've helped families with are:

  • Boundaries

  • Being Consistent with members who are causing friction

  • How to interact in a more helpful way (press here)

  • Community Supports

  • Addiction (press here)

  • Abuse (press here)

  • Raising Adolescents (press here)

  • Empty Nest Syndrome

  • Extended Family

  • Adapting to a new Country

  • Post-partum Depression

  • Return to work and balancing work and home

  • Pregnancy support

  • Child Development (press here)

  • Raising a Resilient Child

  • Supporting an Exceptional Child

  • Failure to Launch

Press here to access my relevant training.

Press here for children and youth books read.

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