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Families, and Children

Families of all kinds encounter challenges.  I work with people to figure out how to navigate challenges, and how to understand one another, tolerate each other, and communicate with one another in clear, helpful ways. Some of the things I've helped families with are:

  • Boundaries

  • Being Consistent with members who are causing friction

  • How to interact in a more helpful way (press here)

  • Community Supports

  • Addiction (press here)

  • Abuse (press here)

  • Raising Adolescents (press here)

  • Empty Nest Syndrome

  • Extended Family

  • Adapting to a new Country

  • Post-partum Depression

  • Return to work and balancing work and home

  • Pregnancy support

  • Child Development (press here)

  • Raising a Resilient Child

  • Supporting an Exceptional Child

  • Failure to Launch

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