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I am always hesitant to define ‘relationship’, since it means so many different things to different people.


In my context, it means any relationship that you have, either by birth or by design or by choice, and where there is a need for communication, and a desire for growth.  Relationships can be with one other person, or with a group of people, or with a family; in your personal or professional life, or  …… the possibilities and how they are defined are endless.


Most of my work in relationships would be educational and Imago based.  It would foster understanding and better communication, as well as healing for all the parties involved.  I have worked in situations where there has been abuse, and have zero tolerance for that.  There needs to be no shaming, blaming or criticism in the relationship if there is to be an opportunity for understanding and healing to occur.

I have done this work in my office, and through Skype or ooVoo, when distance makes it difficult to make it into the office.   

We bring all of our history to our relationships, and so do the other people involved.  Our issues often compete with other people’s for attention, and become points of stress or a struggle for power.  Understanding, good communication and dialogue promote growth, healing and empathy for all the parties involved.  Having a common goal can help with moving the relationship through to a deeper level.  Good relationships are always in need of attention.

If you would like to try this, please contact me at wendy at, or check the contact page for other options.

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