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Sexuality Training

Myths About Sex – Ten Things You Need to Know (May 2012)

Lesbians and Sex (April 2013)

HIV & Older Adults (Dec 2017)

Man Sexuality (Nov 2017)

Sex, Love and Intimacy – Mary Klein (2018)

Intensive Sex Therapy Training for Therapists, University of Guelph (May 2019)

LGBT2SQ Foundations – Rainbow Health Ontario (2020)

Foundations for Trans-Positive Counselling – Children & Youth – Rainbow Health Ont (2021)

Foundations for Trans-Positive Counselling – Adults & Seniors – Rainbow Health Ont (2021)

Transition-Related Counselling for Mental Health Providers – RHO (2021)


Come As You Are:  The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life – Emily Nagoski, PhD

Sex Yourself:  The Woman's Guide to Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms – Carlyle Jansen

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability – Kaufman, Silverberg and Odette (2010)

The Heart and Soul of Sex – Dr Gina Ogden (2011)

The Compass of Pleasure – David Linden (2012)

The Velvet Rage:  Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World – Alan Downs (2014)

Far From the Tree – Andrew Solomon (2015)

Seven Tips to Great Sex – Dr Dan Pollets (RLI) (2016)

A Couples Therapist Reveals Why Modern Marriage is So Hard – Shana Lebowitz (business insider) (2016)

What About Me?; A Book for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse – Grant Cameron (2017)

The Ethical Slut – Janet W Hardy, Dossie Easton (2017)

Sexual Intelligence – Marty Klein (2018)

New Directions in Sex Therapy – Peggy J Kleinplatz (2019)

Handbook of Clinical Sexualtiy for Mental Health Professionals – Stephen B Levine, et al ( 2019)

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm – Nicole Daedone (2019)

Love Lives Here – Amanda Jette Knox (2019)

Disclosure – Film (Netflix)  (2020)

Polyamory Experts Speak on Non-Monogamy (youtube) (2020)

Love Worth Making – Stephen Snyder (2020)

The Polyamorists Next Door:  Inside Multiple Partner Relationships and Families – Elisabeth Sheff (2020)

The Monster Under the Bed – joEllen Notte (2021)

Open Monogamy:  A Guide to Co-Creating Your Ideal Relationship Agreement Tammy Nelson (2021)

Shameless:  A Sexual Reformation Nadia Bolz-Weber (2022)

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