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Therapeutic Trance

Therapeutic Trance Does Not Involve:


- Sleep
- Loss of consciousness
- Inability to move
- Giving up control


Therapeutic Trance Does Involve:

- An enriching or enhancing of consciousness
- Heightened awareness of the inner world

The Trance Experience Brings:

- A growing heaviness in your body or loss of a sense of your body
- A feeling of comfort and ease
- A growing lack of interest in what is around you and in your ordinary life
- An awareness of an inner life that you ordinarily do not sense

The Trance Entails an Expansion of Consciousness:


- In regard to memory
- In regard to the perspective you have on things
- In the experience of a deep wisdom that is there in you, but of which you are not ordinarily aware
- In your awareness of things you do not ordinarily know about yourself, in your present or past
- In your perspective on the events of your life
- In your awareness of things you do not ordinarily know about others, near or far
- In your ability to effect changes within your body and your psyche
- In your sense of who you are and your mission in life
- In your sense of what stirs in you in the form of creative energy
- In your ability to allow your creative energy to flow through you uninhibited

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